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Property Managers

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Electrical Maintenance

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Remodeling & Renovations

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Site Electrical Maintenance

If it’s not workin’, call Perkin!

Interior Dimmers, Fixtures, Outlets, And Switches

We can troubleshoot electrical issues and perform many minor electrical repairs on the same day:

  • Outlets, light switches, dimmer switches, three-way switches, four-way switches, USB wall plugs, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and ventexhaust fans repaired or replaced
  • Arcing, sparking, or other electrical hazards
  • Circuit breakers tripping

Exterior Fixtures And Landscape Lighting

Ensure your property shines bright day and night with our comprehensive exterior fixture and landscape lighting maintenance services.

From pathway illumination to accentuating architectural features, our commercial electricians are dedicated to keeping your outdoor spaces safe, inviting, and visually stunning. Trust us to maintain and repair your exterior lighting fixtures for maximum curb appeal and security.

Safety And Parking Lot Lighting

From enhancing visibility to reducing energy costs, trust us to illuminate your path to a safer, brighter site.

Security Cameras And Panel Wiring

Step up your property’s security with our comprehensive services, including wiring and installing security cameras and panels.

Meter Base Maintenance And Repairs

We understand the importance of a reliable electrical infrastructure for your site. 

Sign Maintenance And Repairs

From iconic storefront signage to eye-catching billboard spotlights, we will keep your signs shining bright.